Here at Henry Wurst, Inc. we pride ourselves on our partnerships, our excellent quality, and our environmentally responsible practices.

It’s these practices that we promise to keep growing and expanding – to not only better serve you, but to better serve our planet as well.

In fact, we are now considered a Canopy partner and we’re officially Ancient Forest Friendly™. 

Sure, it sounds cool, but what exactly does it mean to be Ancient Forest Friendlyand how does it help the environment?

To be Ancient Forest Friendly, a paper must be manufactured with a high percentage of recycled fiber or agricultural residue. Any virgin fiber used in the paper must be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified (with no ‘controlled wood’) and must not originate from endangered forests. Bleaching must be chlorine free. Ancient Forest Friendly papers conserve intact forest ecosystems and their functions – such as climate stabilization, water regulation and species habitat.

There is a significant body of scientific work that details the ecological benefits of utilizing recycled fibre in lieu of virgin wood fibre, including:

  • Conserving water and energy
  • Reducing greenhouse gases and volatile compounds
  • Preventing the degradation of forest ecosystems; and
  • Preventing the loss of forest-dependent biodiversity.

Further, the commercial use of straw paper is an emerging field in North America. Studiesconfirm that agricultural residues have significantly lighter ecological footprints than using virgin wood fibre pulps.

Source: Canopy website.

By choosing Ancient Forest Friendly papers, you can help reduce your carbon footprint as an alternative offer to papers made with fibre from high carbon value virgin forests. Interested in learning more? Contact your sales representative or view our posted Canopy Agreement here.