As various design trends fade in and out, one thing remains constant: the need for color.

Color evokes emotion and helps to tell your story. But why?

As humans, our eyes are constantly scanning; searching for things that are aesthetically pleasing. Color snags our attention. And while people may perceive and relate to colors differently, that primary purpose is still achieved – we are now engaging with what the color is tied to.

Though color can grab our attention, it’s a designer’s and/or marketer’s job to keep it. How colors are used can make or break a marketing message, so the two must be cohesive. There are several resources that will help marry your design to your message, but we’ve found this one from Canva especially helpful.

Canva’s Design Wiki has a variety of color combinations for design inspiration. Each color palette has a detailed view, related combinations, and pre-built templates so you can see how the colors come together.

In addition to exploring the palettes, you’re able to dive deeper into individual colors to learn how best to use and pair those for your design needs.

It never hurts to stock up on design resources and we’ve got this one bookmarked ourselves. Just click here to test the tool for yourself!