Design – something that changes just as frequently as the world we live in, just to keep pace.

As our friends at Coastal Creative predict – 2019, in the design space, will embrace rule-breaking as the new normal.

“At a time when so many conventions are being flouted on the world stage, today’s design thinking and consumer tastes reflect the desire to find a sense of order and beauty amidst all the chaos. The design trends of 2019 do exactly that: asymmetry, jarring colors, and exaggerated proportions combine to create an aesthetic that celebrates glitches, ambiguity, and excess.”

Just check out their list and infographic below and keep an eye out for these trends to surface throughout the year.

  1. Brutalism
  2. Complex Gradients
  3. Abstract Geometry
  4. Evolved Patterns
  5. Retro Human Illustrations
  6. Isometric Illustration (as displayed in this article’s feature photo by Lyft).
  7. Broken Grid Layouts
  8. Modern Collage

To check out the full article from Coastal Creative, click here.