Design – something that changes just as frequently as the world we live in, just to keep pace.

With attention spans decreasing, the need and focus are heightened for aesthetics, engagement, and curiosity.

As our friends at Coastal Creative predict – the design trend for 2018 will be all about contrast.

“The design trends of 2018 use contrast to reflect the ways the real and digital worlds are continuing to merge. Many of this year’s design trends seem to borrow from the aesthetics of the time when the internet still felt new. Combining the playfully nostalgic with the ultra-futuristic, here are the 2018 digital design trends that blend different mediums to create striking contrasts.”

Just check out their list and infographic below and keep an eye out for these trends to surface throughout the year.

  1. Intersecting Elements
  2. Duo Tone & Double Exposure (as displayed by the featured image from this Duotone portfolio on Behance)
  3. Retro-Modern Illustrations
  4. Creative Background Patterns
  5. Bright Gradients
  6. Thoughtful Animations
  7. Isometric Design
  8. Split-Page Design

Design Trends 2018 Infographic

To check out the full article from Coastal Creative, click here.