Do you ever wonder how to optimize your direct mail campaigns? With the introduction of Direct Mail Boost℠, enhancing your direct mailing services has never been easier. Unlike regular direct mail that operates on a one-step process, Direct Mail Boost℠ creates a four-step system to make the most out of your mailings.

Four Step Features

Why do a one-and-done mailing when you can turn your direct mail effort into a trackable campaign through Direct Mail Boost℠ that allows you to see how it performs? With Direct Mail Boost℠ you get:

  1. Mailer Printing – we will print your direct mailer that will launch your campaign.
  2. Mail Tracking – projection and tracking on exactly when each piece is delivered.
  3. Call Tracking – tracking and recording of each phone call.
  4. Online Follow-Up – every website visitor is followed with your online ad for up to 90 days.
  • Online Campaign Dashboard – a simple, user-friendly interface that houses all campaign data.

Four Step Benefits

With Direct Mail Boost℠ you will likely see a doubled response rate, yielding a higher return on investment. You’re able to keep tabs on your mailings with built-in, online mail tracking software, so you know exactly when to ramp up for more traffic, saving you money and frustration.

You’ll leave no leads left behind, either. Your Direct Mail Boost℠ campaign includes a Google campaign that displays those follow-up ads to your prospects all across the internet – keeping your leads warm until they are ready to buy.

With the added call tracking, you’re also able to create a flawless sales system.

All of these features allow you to see the exact data and results of your campaign, which lets you quality check for better results as feedback rolls in now, and in the future.

The Full Picture

Henry Wurst, Inc. can utilize the best combination of these solutions to successfully implement and maintain your Direct Mail Boost℠ campaign. It is not a suite of services, but a seamless integrated system that maximizes your marketing impact to potential buyers in their home and beyond. To learn more about Direct Mail Boost℠, contact us today.