At Henry Wurst, Inc. we take steps to minimize our environmental load, not just around Earth Day, but every day. We strongly believe in social and environmental responsibility and here’s how we do our part. 


We proactively recycle input materials used in production, such as substrates, inks, coatings, and adhesives. Eco-friendly ink, proactive press maintenance processes and innovative recycling efforts for paper, ink, and other raw materials are crucial to our efforts.

Facilities and Behavior

Our building, grounds, energy consumption, employees and other supporting activities work together to maintain the health of our community.


From pre-press, press to post-press, our process, equipment and supporting technology are designed to be energy-efficient to reduce the consumption of our resources

Ongoing Committment

We have made environmental responsibility a priority for many decades. We are continually seeking new ways to reduce our use of natural resources and reduce our footprint.

As smart marketers, how can you help? See our checklist for environmentally responsible marketing practices. 

Use recycled paper and display the recycled symbol

Prune your lists to focus on high potential prospects and customers

Use vegetable or soy-based inks

Use FSC-certified printers and display the FSC logo on your communications

Remember, we are all travelers on spaceship Earth. Let’s take good care of our planet so that we, and our future generations, can prosper.