On Wednesday, students from the Kansas City Art Institute visited us to learn the ins and outs of a printing facility.

Graphic design students came with their instructor, Paul Diamond (co-founder of Diamond Merckens Hogan), to tour our plant and learn what it’s like to bring their design dreams to reality.

Not only does this give them a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what the world of printing is like, but it allows us to further educate and excite them about the production process.

The tours were led by Jerome Sasenick and Andy Hendricks, who has a longstanding professional relationship with Diamond.

“Paul likes for his students to see the ‘real’ applications to what they are learning in class. There is no better place in Kansas City to see the full spectrum of printing (sheetfed, digital, web) and the binding and mailing than Henry Wurst, Inc.,” Hendricks said.