When you think of direct mail, what comes to mind? Coupons? Store openings? Credit card offers? Catalogs? Typically, the first things you think of all have one thing in common – retail and/or the for-profit space.

However, direct mail has plenty of advantages for nonprofit organizations as well. In fact, 60% – 80% of total revenue for nonprofits is credited toward direct mail efforts. In addition, even if people aren’t necessarily donating through means of direct mail, they are being prompted to donate online because of direct mail. The Campbell Rinker Donor Confidence Survey “showed that 37% of people who gave to charities online did so because they received a direct mail letter from the charity, looked them up online, and made a donation on the nonprofit’s website,” (The Fundraising Authority).

So, the numbers are here, but what does it really take to be successful with direct mail as a nonprofit organization? This White Paper from Blackbaud explores the following:

  • How to conduct a feasibility study for an organization’s viability for a direct marketing program
  • How to launch a successful direct marketing program
  • How to avoid competing with the major gifts program

Dive into “what every fundraiser should know” in “How To Launch a Direct Mail Program” below.