In Sales, anticipating a client need before it happens can be quite the talent to possess. It’s that value-added service that we’re forever looking to grasp.

If we view each sale as just a transaction, chances are the retention (and rapport) will fade fast. But if we take the time to learn the client and their business, we can anticipate scenarios that may occur further down the road.

Presenting these scenarios upfront shows the client that we’re here to help – not to sell. That we listen, adapt, care, and perhaps, most importantly – that we’re thinking about the long run.

Canvas Magazine shows just how effective this sales strategy can be and how this way of thinking helped launch one of Anheuser-Busch’s most successful products. Just check out this excerpt by Eddie Yoon, (Principal, The Cambridge Group) that highlights different approaches to anticipation.

5 Ways To Anticipate Things Before Your Client Does

1.  Cast a great vision – There’s nothing like an aspirational vision to see gaps to close.

2. Illuminate via analogy – Sometimes lateral thinking is the best way to shed new light on a problem.

3. Penetrate via logic – Incisive logic can break a problem down into much simpler issues to solve.

4. Precise practicality – If you work backwards, you realize there are only a few practical outcomes.

5. Solve the person, not the problem – Sometimes it’s more about emotions and incentives. Figure out what style your client gravitates toward and which you’re particularly good at and make a match.

Source: Michael Pallerino, Canvas Magazine