It’s that time of year again! Where the “back-to-school” state-of-mind begins to materialize just as you’re settling into your summer routine. Through the many methods of preparation for back-to-school there remains a constant to keep you organized in the hustle and bustle – print and paper.

Think about how often you encounter it to complete the tasks that come with a new school year – making lists, jotting down agendas, pre-printed school supplies lists, combing through the sale ads, enrollment/registration papers, etc. – sound familiar?

Sure, there are digital offerings as well, but the majority of us go back to how we learned to be productive in school – by writing things down and using hard copies to keep us on track. Unexpected, yet not surprising, this trend has held steady all the way to today’s classroom.

“In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive classrooms, paper continues to be the preferred tool for productivity among students, teachers and parents. 94 percent of college students say paper is essential to helping them achieve their academic goals, and 89 percent of students in grades 7th through 12th agree. Meanwhile, 92 percent of educators and 90 percent of parents agree that reading 15 pages a day on paper can benefit any student. Paper’s enduring role in education comes as no surprise: 8 in 10 people say that paper and paper-based packaging are relevant in their daily lives. After all, paper is a versatile material that helps us ideate and create, accomplishing our objectives.”

So, as the new school year approaches and new objectives are set, students, teachers and parents will intuitively recognize the value of paper as the preferred learning tool — the smart tool that works hard to help keep us focused so we can achieve our goals.

Explore this year’s Paper and Productive Learning: The Fourth Annual Back-to-School Report to discover the many ways paper remains essential for productive learning in today’s technology-fueled culture.

Source: The Paper & Packaging Board