Our customers truly guide everything we do. It’s our duty to make their lives easier and to do our best work for them. After all, their success is our success.

Our annual survey is one of the key methods we have of collecting our customers’ thoughts. We really want to know the good, the bad, and everything in between. We take their impressions to heart and work to provide them with the best experience possible.

After reviewing the responses, we were overwhelmed by the feedback and wanted to share some of the highlights.

  • 100% of respondents feel we’re an important vendor to their company
    • With over 80% in “strongly agree”
  • 100% feel the products and services purchased are good quality
    • With over 75% in “strongly agree”
  • 99% feel we meet our agreed upon deadlines
  • 100% feel the sales and customer service attention they receive is excellent
    • With over 77% strongly agreeing
  • 100% feel problems are quickly resolved to their satisfaction
    • With over 16% stating they’ve never had a problem
  • 98% feel invoices are prompt and accurate
  • Overall communication scores:
    • 100% agree or strongly agree we communicate pricing quotes well
    • 95% agree or strongly agree we provide updates on job status well
    • 100% agree or strongly agree we communicate job changes well
    • 100% agree or strongly agree we answer job questions well
    • 100% agree or strongly agree we resolve billing questions well

Though the majority were overwhelmingly positive, we have noted the areas where we can improve as well.

Big thanks to those who completed our survey and congratulations to our Amazon.com gift card winners, Trevor Gies, Molly Morrow, Tom Jones, and Sandy Miller!

We will never stop working to perfect our partnerships today and every day.