Direct mail is still an integral part of today’s marketing mix, despite the increase in digital platforms and channels. People love to hold, save, and feel something – so it’s only natural that print serves the market well.

The graphic above from our friends at Western States Envelope & Label digs deeper into what makes direct mail a force to be reckoned with.

Did You Know? In today’s business world, many marketing tools strive for the attention of companies. Among them is direct mail, which has a long tradition of success in the U.S. and continues to maintain a strong position next to its modern rivals. 

  1. Targeted – Direct mail campaigns allow for addressing customers by name and speaking to them individually. Mailing lists can also depict customers’ buying habits, which make it easier to appeal to their interests.
  2. Tangible – Medium that consumers can touch and feel leaves a stronger emotional mark than those of digital form. (Millward Brown agency research)
  3. Millennial – Younger consumers (the 18-34 year old demographic) prefer to learn about marketing offers via postal mail rather than online sources. (National survey research from ICOM)
  4. Business Friendly – Direct mail has the #2 choice of consumers as a channel of business communication. (DMA Statistical Fact Book)
  5. Response Rates – Direct mail generates 3.7% response vs. 0.62% generated by digital channels. (DMA Response Rate Report)
  6. Brand Recall – Research conducted among wealthy consumers showed that direct mail is the third most effective channel when it comes to brand recall. 62% of those surveyed named direct mail as their way to learn about brands from the past 30 days. (Shullman Research Center)
  7. Lasting Power – 66% of consumers keep mail that they found useful. (Royal Mail MarketReach)
  8. Size Matters – Consumers find larger than a letter-sized envelope to be more effective than letter-sized envelopes. (DMA Statistical Fact Book)
  9. Digital Link – Through augmented reality, QR Codes, PURLs, and other digital technology, direct mail closes the gap with the printed and digital world. (USPS Direct Mail Stats)
  10. Donation Driver – Direct mail is an effective channel for driving people to donate. 32% of donors responded to a letter that came in the mail for charitable donation. (DMA Statistical Fact Book)
  11. Website Promotion – Consumers visit a brand’s website 8% more often in response to direct mail than to social media. (Consumer Magazine Fact Book)

Not only does direct mail “deliver” results, but it has the data and research to back it up. So what are you waiting for? Get started with direct mail today!