Tangibility – one of print’s most credible, connecting, and reassuring features.

As consumers, we turn to familiarity and embrace content that helps us to perceive the world around us. As marketers, we try to establish meaningful relationships between our company and our customers. One way to bridge this gap is through the sense of touch.

Sappi’s groundbreaking book, The Neuroscience of Touch, written in collaboration with renowned neuroscientist Dr. David Eagleman, dives deeper into haptics, the science of touch. It explores why touch is such a crucial part of the sensory experience and how it influences emotion and decision making, establishing this sense as critical to any brand experience.

Alongside the book itself, Sappi has created a video series to shed some light on the topics that are explored within. Video six, which can be viewed below, begins to dive into how a tactile experience resonates more strongly with an audience.

Hear from Dr. Eagleman on how print helps people to enjoy, interpret, and retain their information better – thanks to the power of touch.