Informed Delivery® from the USPS® is a free and optional notification service that gives eligible residential consumers the ability to see a preview of their letter mail, wherever they are, before it arrives.

The USPS uses existing processes that provide digital images of the exterior of mailpieces as they are processed through automation equipment. Informed Delivery uses those images to provide digital notifications to users in advance of the delivery of the physical mail. Users will see images of the front/address side of their automated letter-sized mail in their email notification or on their dashboard at

Not only will users see their mailpieces, but the mailers also have an option to engage with users through digital marketing campaigns tied to their specific pieces. Mailers can include supplemental content that accompanies the scanned image and makes it stand out to the user.

To learn more about Informed Delivery and how you can sign up, click on the Fact Sheets below.